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Our mission’s principles come from capital values: commitment to service quality, environmental commitment and protection of the health and safety of the workers.


Our daily commitment is set towards:

  • Maximum attention to clients to ensure their complete satisfaction;
  • Environment’s protection, by minimizing the impact on it of our business activities, by reducing the management of emissions into the air, water and soil, by recycling and properly disposing waste, by using all equipments, processes and energies at their best;
  • Health and safety of workers and neighborhood, in terms of both prevention and protection, first-aid and emergency response;
  • Evaluation of our human resources through the sharing and respecting of social responsibility and principles;
  • A global approach to offer the best support to local community.

Contact us

You can contact us to the email address info[@]

Working Schedule

You can contact us every day h24 at the following telephone numbers:  +39 0108615595  -  +39 0108615511